Year Ahead Reading (13 Cards)

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A forecast for your upcoming year, one card for each month and one more card as advice or a theme to your overall upcoming year. This is best for year end readings and birthdays.

If you’d like, mention the areas of your life that you are interested in for the upcoming year.

Do note that in my own experience, the further the cards are down the road, the higher the possibility of change. This is because we all have power in our paths and destiny. What you have done can help you change the future that is read as of now.

Once payment is received, the reading will be delivered to you in 3-5 business days. You will receive a link to an unlisted 20 to 30 minute video uploaded onto YouTube for your viewing. Please note my disclosures.

2 reviews for Year Ahead Reading (13 Cards)

  1. This was the first year-ahead reading I’ve ever done. Casper is very friendly and approachable, and I received my reading pretty quickly. Casper’s reading felt personal in a magical way, like I received a gift. His interpretation of the cards is mindful and encouraging. I was impressed by how the first few cards picked up on current energies in my life, and it’s interesting to think about how things can unfold. I will be keeping in mind the gentle advice and thoughts of the cards as I move through the next year. Very grateful for this reading. Wonderful offering. I highly recommend Casper!

  2. 8 months later … I’m amazed at how accurate this reading is. There have been just a couple minor differences in what has happened vs what was predicted but overall, the predictions and advice have been spot on, sometimes astonishingly so! It has been so great to have this reading support me this year. I reflect on my monthly cards often. Highly recommend this reading. Thanks again, Casper!

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