Relationship Reading (5 Cards)

$22.00 $20.00

Have a relationship that you need clarity on? Phrase your question with one of the examples below:

“How can I get this relationship between [your name] and [their name or initials] from [here] to [where you want to be]?”

“What is the relationship between [your name] and [their name/initials] like?”

“What is the romantic potential between [your name] and [their name/initials]?”

I will draw 2 cards for you, 2 cards for them, and 1 card for the advice. If I feel drawn to pull additional cards for you in the reading, this will come at no additional cost.

Once payment is received, the reading will be delivered to you in 3 business days. You will receive a link to an unlisted 10 to 20 minute video uploaded onto YouTube for your viewing. Please note my disclosures.


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