Queen of Wands with BoyDiviner

About Me

My name is Casper and I’ve been a tarot practitioner since 2016. Along the way, I have studied other modalities, including other types of divination, magick and fengshui. Through these modalities, I aim to better myself, and through bettering myself, help the people around me. I came to the tarot when I was stuck in life, worried about work and generally unhappy. I chanced upon a video on Romanian Witches and one thing led to another. I saw how spells were cast and futures told. I started to research similar esoteric material and stumbled onto Tarot. This was something I returned to after so long; I had used to want to learn it when I had been younger, having had a glimpse at the Vertigo Tarot, but was pushed to pursue an academic-driven path.

At the same time, I refused to believe in the esoteric nature of the cards. I adamantly forced myself to go with the analytical route, as espoused by Benebell Wen in her book, Holistic Tarot. However, when I was lost, the cards had started to provide some meaning and acted as a form of self-reflection. As time passed, more and more synchronicities appeared between the cards and the people I read for. I slowly started to believe the woo, in all its facets. I looked into my own heritage where Chinese metaphysics was abound. My dad himself wanted to go into the field, but because of me and my brothers, he instead chose a simple life as an engineer to feed and clothe us. In a way, I felt like it’s up to me to further this.