About Me

Hello, I’m Casper and I’ve been a practitioner of magick for a little over two years. Here is where I share my thoughts and practices relating to my craft. Currently, my main studies are on the Tarot. As for my accreditations:

  • I am studying the Tarot through books and courses I’ve purchased. This includes Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen and the Living Tarot course by Susan T. Chang.
  • I did an I Ching course by Benebell Wen and completed King Wen’s I Ching with Master Jo Ching.
  • I also study BaZi and Fengshui with different feng shui masters in Singapore.

Why Divination?

I was stuck in life, worried about work and generally unhappy. I chanced upon a video on Romanian Witches and one thing led to another. I saw how spells were cast and futures told. I started to research similar esoteric material and stumbled onto Tarot. This was something I returned to after so long; I had used to want to learn it when I had been younger but was pushed to pursue an academic-driven path.

Where I had been lost, the cards had started to provide some meaning and acted as a form of self-reflection. Further to that, I went back and found the Ba Zi Natal Chart readings that my parents got for me when I was younger and found some sort of solace in the person that I am today, flaws and all. Now, I seek to help others with my own skills.