year ahead spread with incense, other things and the personal space tarot

Reflecting on the 2018 Year Ahead Spread

Posted on December 23, 2018

2018 is coming to a close and this is when I usually do some reflections on the past year. Since I’ve done a Year Ahead Spread for 2018, it is helpful to see how accurate I’ve been regarding this.

Quarter 1

first quarter of year ahead spread: 2018 hermit wheel of fortune and five of wands from the personal space tarot

Overall, this quarter was quite peaceful. I noticed some significant differences. In February and March, my original post mentioned some micro-aggressions, probably at work — however, this was not the case. I was given a long leave to go for a Vipassana course. I can only surmise that the Five of Wands, reversed meant the lack of any conflict arising, or stifled conflicts. This is of course because during the course, I had to hold my silence haha.

Quarter 2

second quarter of year ahead spread 2018: 7 of pentacles, 8 of pentacles, from the personal space deck

I would say that these cards are roughly true. At work, I had to assert myself. Apart from that, I only remember becoming a little more jaded at what I was doing. Being a customer support officer is one of the most rewarding work that I’ve done and I’ve grown so much from it; however, it was around this point where I was reaching my one year mark and feeling like I’m excelling at the role.

Quarter 3

3rd quarter of the year ahead spread 2018: 5 of cups, 6 of cups, queen of swords

I met someone awful in July romantically and so July and August turned out pretty accurate. September was also on point as I started to look for a new role within the company and interviewed for it.

Quarter 4

4th quarter of year ahead spread 2018: queen of cups, 8 of cups, page of pentacles

The Queen of Cups is right — I spent about 2 weeks in America during this time and had to flex a lot of my emotional and social muscles. Being an introvert, this was no mean feat. The Eight of Cups in November may also mean learning how to leave behind the work I used to do and in December, I had the opportunity to do some readings in person at a booth. Unlike what I predicted with the reversed Page of Pentacles where I had to learn to take time off, it ended up being more of that seed of a seed of a seed of my tarot reading services taking off. Just a tiny step towards something more.

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