My Year Ahead Spread for 2019

Posted on December 31, 2018

As my usual yearly tradition, this is my own personal forecast for my 2019, this year with the Spolia Tarot. I’ve also been working hard on reading for myself; it is difficult to stay objective. In this entry, I will write to myself, as if I am my own client — I’m hoping this will help me.

Quarter 1

Quarter 1 Year Ahead Spread 2019 by boydiviner

January: Strength

Patience combined with focus — you know what you want and you know it requires time. Treat it with compassion and patience, but make sure you nudge the situation towards your goals. Do not forget that waiting is not enough.

February: Death, reversed

Refusing to accept change — remember while it hurts to lose something, that it only helps you grow. Accept the losses and take the lessons. Since the pain will always be there, take the opportunity to learn.

March: Five of Cups

The loss from the previous month still lingers in your head. Take your time to grieve — it is important to let your emotions run instead of repressing them. Again, like what I mentioned for the 2018 reading, look at your spilled cups and honor what you’ve lost. Then, remember to be grateful for what you still have.

Quarter 2

April: Two of Cups, reversed

An almost lover. Don’t force it if it isn’t about to be. While it takes grace and fortitude to bow out and let the guy go scot-free, guilt-free, sometimes doing that will serve you more than hanging on to make sure that they get what they deserve.

May: Page of Coins, reversed

The Page of Coins is generally a messenger about certain practical riches that can come your way. In this case, it being reversed can indicate some sort of misunderstanding of a situation relating to your work. Try your best to keep your mind open to understand this.

June: King of Cups

The King of Cups advises you to be in control of your emotions. Being mindful of how you feel is imperative. You can do this – perfectly aware of your emotions but not being consumed by them

Quarter 3

July: The Fool

Go for it! Analysis paralysis isn’t a good look on you; see the opportunity and leap to grasp it. There’s no need to be so fearful. I love that in the LWB that came with the Spolia Tarot, it mentions that the Fool is unburdened completely. Don’t have the burden of expectation, don’t have the burden of what’s right or wrong — just do it!

August: The Chariot, reversed

There is an imbalance in your control of the conscious and subconscious. It could be inertia, a loss of self-control or willpower, or something less serious like the craving for bad food. However, this just means you should set your intentions more strongly and recall the goals you’ve set out for yourself.

September: Knight of Cups, reversed

Be careful of people who are swooping in to try save you from what they think is danger. Be careful of the over-romantics. Be careful of promises. Don’t let their charm take you down; be very aware.

Quarter 4

October: Eight of Swords

You’re waiting for someone to rescue you when you can actually save yourself right now. You may feel trapped and lost, but have faith in your own strength and make your way out.

November: Judgment, reversed

You still can’t wake up. You are still sleepwalking. You are so close to transformation, completing a transition, or saving yourself but this last bit isn’t going to be easy. Struggle and force yourself to safety.

December: Four of Wands, reversed

Right now, you’ve built something for yourself. You got your foundation now, as shaky it may be. Take some time to rest.

Theme of the Year: Six of Cups

I loved what the little white book with the Spolia Tarot said about this card:

This is about pleasure, but pleasure that comes after one has experienced darkness and loss.
It is a hard won optimism that makes it perhaps even more precious.

I had never seen this card this way before and usually attribute it to getting a gift, or having a strong sense of nostalgia. For this year’s theme, I believe what the LWB said will apply.

As usual, I’ll be adding these notes into my 2019 planner and check the actual experiences against these cards. Happy New Year folks!

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