Deck Interview: Animal Spirit Oracle

Posted on April 28, 2018

This spread was popularised to me through Little Red Tarot. I have done this with my other decks but sadly did not always document them. I suggest once you get a new deck to try this interview spread out. It helps you to understand your new deck a little better 🙂

I had the most beautiful interview with the Animal Spirit deck. The overall energy was kind and welcoming, but with an edge. I appreciated it and this being one of the few oracle decks I own, I don’t regret it a single bit.

Overall Characteristic: Peacock

When I saw the Peacock, I was a little taken aback; what did the Peacock mean? Negatively, it could be arrogance and complacency. Once I opened the book, I found its message so in line with what I was looking for. Because I cannot put in a better way, here is a quote from the Guidebook:

“This adept creature can assimilate … all experiences in life, so it does not harbor resentment, conflict or past pain within its psyche.”

It is supreme self-acceptance. It is about taking whatever is thrown at you and moving through it without stumbling. As per what I’m learning from Buddhism, it is knowing that everything is temporary and therefore, appreciating every moment. This is something I know intellectually, but have not experienced. This is what I am looking for.

Strengths: Dragon

The Dragon is about seeing unbridled truth of one’s self. The theme of self-understanding and self-knowledge keeps coming up to me in the past few months; it is exactly what the discursions were during the Vipassana retreat I had gone through. The Animal Spirit deck is primal; and this energy lies within each of us. I believe Kim Kranz had thought hard through the different animal archetypes in the deck.

The deck explains that it will help me understand myself better. While I’ve been using the deck more for advice on the energies I should aim to have from day to day, perhaps I should start using this more for self-work.

As a side-note, the Dragon relates to the Third Chakra.

Limits: Firefly

The Firefly is about short flashes of inspiration. The Animal Spirit deck does not claim to be able to help with this; and I believe it is explaining how it is meant to be a long term tool, not something quick when you need an idea for an article and the like. Almost exactly opposite of its strengths, this deck does not claim to be able to solve questions in a short amount of time; it wants to be used consistently and in the long term.

Teaching: Sea Serpent

The Sea Serpent relates to the second chakra and is about healing emotional wounds. While the deck’s strengths relate to self-knowledge, it teaches the Seeker to be gentle with themselves. The Sea Serpent asks us to not judge ourselves too hard, that all of us have our failures as well.

The Sea Serpent also concentrates on the healthy expression of desires, to want but not to the point of clinging. I still do not get this card too well, as Sea Serpents often conjure up images of powerful monsters waiting beneath the surface, but the Animal Spirit’s version is a gentle loving mother.

Collaboration: Cheetah

The Cheetah is about kinetic energy, about light that bursts out from within, almost too bright to even see. The deck will work best when the advice it doles out is put into action. The Cheetah also reminds us not to run aimlessly; there is a purpose to our actions and we need to run towards something. Remember the purpose of using the deck; remember to put that advice into action.

Potential Outcome: Golden Egg

The Golden Egg is the “unstruck sound” – this is the place that resides deep within yourself, when you are at the peak of self-understanding. In some cases, the Golden Egg can be called your higher self, or your inner guide.

The Golden Egg requires us to be comfortable with ourselves and to open up to our true feelings. It is private and honestly, scary to confront; it is the part of us that no one else sees or hears. It relates to the fourth chakra.

This is an outcome that really calls to me.


Out of the 6 cards I dealt, 3 were of the Spirit element, and believe me, I shuffled this card like a mad person and picked cards randomly out of the deck. I feel like this deck wants to give me a key to understanding myself better, something I’ve been struggling with meditation to do.

The difficulty is using this key; I’m not one who is used to using oracle decks. In fact, I’m pretty much a Rider-Waite-Smith reader. It is easy to pull the Animal cards for guidance, but for self-understanding, the deck is something I need to familiarize myself with first. Understanding a new language basically isn’t easy, but I’m excited to try.

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