Year Ahead Spread 2018 with the Personal Space Tarot

My Year Ahead Spread for 2018

Posted on December 24, 2017

After last year’s encouraging Year Ahead Spread, I went ahead to do one for 2018, using the Personal Space Tarot. It ended up being some harsh truths that I have to swallow – and the reading came out more advisory than predictive. I also secretly felt like I might’ve not shuffled the deck enough LOL but there must be a reason why I stopped shuffling and started dealing the cards.

year ahead spread with incense, other things and the personal space tarot

For this reading, I had prepared myself more than usual – I cleansed my space, I lit incense, I hit my singing bowl to clear any bad mojo, used the crystals that I had to form a sacred circle and dealt the cards. Not gonna lie, I felt like I levelled up so much more than last year! 🙂 That makes me happy.

Without further ado, here are my readings for myself.

Quarter 1

first quarter of year ahead spread: 2018 hermit wheel of fortune and five of wands from the personal space tarot

Jan: The Hermit, reversed

It’s been too long since you’ve kept to yourself. Working on inner alchemy is something important you are striving towards, but just like meditation, apart from focus, you have to work on your peripheral awareness. It’s good to take a break sometimes and meet your friends before they forget you.

Feb: The Wheel of Fortune, reversed

Bad luck will pass; take these misfortunes in your stride. Things will go back to normal. What goes around comes around. Keep calm and move on.

Mar: The Five of Wands, reversed

The competition is getting to you, hard. The little bursts of in-fighting is not something you are handling very well. It will be good if you can take a step back and not let yourself be part of these meaningless quarrels.

Quarter 2

second quarter of year ahead spread 2018: 7 of pentacles, 8 of pentacles, strength from the personal space deck

Apr: The Seven of Pentacles, reversed

Don’t bother to wait for fruition. It may never come; a watched kettle never boils. Instead, focus your energies elsewhere. You’ve been working at this for a while, and even though it’s important to see it through, don’t let it consume you.

May: The Eight of Pentacles, reversed

You’ve been forgetting your fundamentals. Work at your skills, keep at it. Even though you’re ahead, it doesn’t mean the old rules don’t apply to you now. They still do. Remember them and embrace them. Polish yourself.

Jun: Strength, reversed

Sometimes, brute force is what you need. Compassion is important, but it doesn’t mean you let yourself be a doormat. Stand up for yourself, say something. Be the wild lion.

Quarter 3

3rd quarter of the year ahead spread 2018: 5 of cups, 6 of cups, queen of swords

Jul: The Five of Cups, reversed

Let yourself grieve. Sometimes, it’s not about remembering what you have and burying the sadness beneath. Asali’s card of 2017 is this card and it made me realise that grieving makes sense when its fresh. Look at your spilled cups, remember what they meant. You’ve to honor what you’ve lost before you can move forwards with what you have.

Aug: The Six of Cups, reversed

You have had so many difficult things happen to you; and when they resurface, sometimes it’s difficult to deal with it. Seek support from your friends and let them know it’s been difficult. You need support and there is no shame in admitting that.

Sep: The Queen of Swords

You’re at the peak of your intellect. You’ve always strived to be more thoughtful. This is when you need to really push the boundaries; your potential will reveal itself when you work on this in September. It’s time to turn your past sorrow into self-knowledge.

Quarter 4

4th quarter of year ahead spread 2018: queen of cups, 8 of cups, page of pentacles

Oct: The Queen of Cups

From knowledge to emotions, through exploring your mind, you have somehow arrived at the heart. Take this time to know these feelings that arise within you; they are not who you are, but sensations you can handle. Knowing this, you will have more choice in choosing how you feel. Enjoy company.

Nov: The Eight of Cups

Sometimes, you must learn how to leave. Was there something you’ve invested in, a person or a relationship, that somehow did you worse? Consider leaving. It may hurt, seeing what you’ve built just gone to waste, but self-care should be a priority.

Dec: The Page of Pentacles, reversed

Take a break. You don’t always have to be the worldly knowledgeable curious character; sometimes it’s all right to just not question and not find out. Laze in bed, hug your bolster and read a fiction book. It’s the holidays after all.

Year Ahead Spread 2018 with the Personal Space Tarot

Theme: The Knight of Pentacles, reversed

Financial woes – it is to be expected. You’ve opted a different path and now have to serve as a knight. Stay the course and focus on the other parts of your life instead – the Swords, the Cups and the Wands. These are areas that you can still work on. Financially, however, you just need that time and experience; there is no two ways about it, no short-cuts.


This is my Year Ahead Reading for myself. I’ll probably be writing this into my Metaphysician’s Planner as well to be able to reflect on every month and to judge my own accuracy. If anyone is interested in having me do a Year Ahead Reading for them, please message me at my Facebook page. Happy New Year <3

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