Personal Space Tarot

Deck Interview: Personal Space Tarot

Posted on December 10, 2017

Again, this spread was popularised by Little Red Tarot. For this reading, all cards came out reversed, but when that happens, I usually turn all the cards around. Reversals usually only make sense to me when there are other cards that are upright.

Personal Space Tarot

Overall Characteristic: Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords traditional means pain that occurs to you that is outside of your control; that something has happened to you, and the “I’m so sorry you have to go through this now”.

But the Ten of Swords in this deck is a little different. The tenth sword is in the figure’s hand; the Personal Space Tarot is telling me that it’s overall characteristic is to prevent self-harm and self-blame. It is here to help the seeker reclaim power over their self-care. You hold the last dagger — don’t stab yourself with it!

Strengths: Page of Swords

The Page of Swords is about curiosity and learning. However, the Sword in the card stands stationary in the ground. This is different from how the sword is being swung in the traditional RWS imagery. The Personal Space Tarot is trying to tell me its strength is not only the fact it can provide answers to intellectual curiosities the seeker has, but it also requires the seeker to be still, and to be at peace, instead of being fired up and excited.

Limits: Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords is the epitome of movement – Air on Air. Swish, swish; this is what I think when I see the Knight of Swords. The knight rides in and cuts the enemy into a thousand pieces. Here, the knight raises his nose, as if already having done the deed. The sun glows behind him. I think the Personal Space Tarot is less able to give advice on swift actions. A lot of the advice that it will give are slow, deliberate and perhaps having to do with more inner changes, rather than external actions to be taken.

Knight of Swords uses his intellect to cut down his enemies; the Personal Space Tarot does not want to advise that.

Teaching: Justice

The Personal Space Tarot wants to teach me justice. According to the LWB that came with the deck, the Personal Space Tarot wants to teach me how to be honest with myself and consequently, my seekers. It wants me to be rid of the fear of how the answer may differ from my hopes and expectations. It is correct; only true knowledge about the self can create the change in the self. This all has to do with shadow work and maybe the Personal Space Tarot wants to help me with that.

Collaboration: Three of Wands

Awwww, the Personal Space Tarot is telling me that it wants to help me with planning so I can get my shit together. I’ve been puzzling over which deck to use for my Year Ahead spread; and did want to use this one, but wasn’t sure about our connection. I guess this is a sign 🙂

Potential Outcome: Seven of Cups

Possibilities – the Personal Space Tarot wants to open up possibilities in my life when I use him. There’s never one answer with the Personal Space Tarot; it’s not a deck to use for Yes/No questions, or when you are wishing that there’s a clear direction. The Personal Space Tarot wants to show me everything and for me to consider all those paths, before deciding. It cannot help me decide.


The Personal Space Tarot is a quiet deck. Stillness, reflection, possibilities and planning – in Taoist magic, they will probably call this neidan (inner alchemy) or neigong (inner work). I appreciate what this deck is good for and will use it for personal work.

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