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Tarot-flections: Becoming a Queen

Posted on November 25, 2017

As a learning diviner, I try to practice doing readings for myself once a week at the very least – but sometimes, there’s a lack of questions that I want answered. I’m honestly in a pretty good place right now, but because I haven’t slung my cards in a bit, I decided to do a general reading and the results are more interesting than I thought they’d be.

I asked generally my career and proceeded to deal a Past, Present, Future spread.

My results:

Past Present Future Spread with the Ostara Tarot

Past: Page of Pentacles

The Ostara Tarot depicts the Page of Pentacles beautifully, with a glowing halo-pentacle-Chinese coin around her head as she roams around a herd of foxes. These are solitary animals that somehow have banded together around her. She looks like she is looking for something.

This was me a while ago, searching for some sort of meaning; and I was surrounded by so many people who were doing the same. Taking a leap, I dived into the work in the past month, where I trained for my current role. Her curiosity matches mine; her halo resonates with how I felt while I learned: full, but pleasantly so.

Present: Two of Swords, Reversed

I was confused first when the card appeared. I usually saw this card as being stuck at a crossroads and needing to make a decision; the fact that it was reversed to me meant not having enough information to make the decision.

Once I opened the Ostara Tarot Guidebook, it all made sense: a reversal of this card could be read as the blindfold falling off and I love that idea of having clarity on the path ahead. This is how I feel right now. I can see the path. I know where I am going, for at least the next few months.

Going down this path also will turn me from a young page to…

Future: Queen of Pentacles

The card is gentle: a woman cradling a baby in her arms surrounded by oxen. Look at how grounded she is; look at how happy she is with her little bundle. Look at the protective oxen, look at the love.

The card gives me hope that I can be like that as I walk down this path. I want to be secure; I want to be able to care for others more. The card hints at financial security and resources; these are things I really hope for too.


I love the idea that having clarity right now can turn me from the earnest page to the secure queen; and it surprises me that a random general reading can hit me in the gut like this. Has anyone have a reading like this, with no expectations, that manage to resonate with them so hard? Please share them in the comments below – I’d love to hear them.

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