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Deck Interview: Ostara Tarot

Posted on October 15, 2017

This spread was popularised to me through Little Red Tarot. I have done this with my other decks but sadly did not always document them. I suggest once you get a new deck to try this interview spread out. It helps you to understand your new deck a little better 🙂

Deck Interview with Ostara Tarot

Overall Characteristic: Four of Swords

The Four of Swords is about respite from the battle, to take time away from the struggles of life. I believe the Ostara Tarot is telling me that her (yes, I assume the deck is a she) main characteristic as a deck is that she can take someone away from their daily struggles and she is mainly about reflection and contemplation.

Strengths: Page of Wands, reversed

The Page of Wands to me is about inexperienced passion that cannot be bridled; the Page of Wands is similar in that way to the Fool but in a smaller way. With it being reversed, the deck is trying to tell me that her strengths lies in helping the proverbial Page of Wands to settle down, to learn how to rein in their passions and dreams to create something more. The guide book also clarifies that a reversed Page of Wands could refer to a new venture that has not brought fulfilment – this could hint that the deck will try identify such projects.

Limits: Six of Wands, reversed

The Six of Wands is about reaching somewhere in life, about attaining some sort of victory and appreciating this state where recognition is freely given. With it being reversed, the deck is hinting to me that she does not know how to help with readings on appreciating the small wins in life, but instead wants to focus more about reflection and self-auditing.

Teaching: Seven of Pentacles, reversed

The Seven of Pentacles represents some sort of homely happiness. The deck has reversed this, so it is likely that the deck is trying to teach me how to get out into the world, to be braver and instead of being complacent with my life, especially since I do honestly love staying at home hahaha. According to the guide book, the deck is trying to teach me to stop holding onto my roots and embrace change.

Collaboration: The Sun

The Sun is radiating out, with a bee standing towards it. It is about hard work and also optimism that provides the motivating underlying the hard work needed to put in. The deck wants me to be self-motivated when I do readings with her. This means less reliance on the guide book and more reliance on myself.

Potential Outcome: Three of Swords

Three of Swords is about the pain and heartbreak. The aged tree still has the swords stuck in a heart that has been carved into its skin. The Ostara Tarot wants to help me with this Three of Swords; she wants to help me with my own shadow work. She wants to let me know that while suffering may seem like there is no purpose to it, she can help me grow past it. Through our relationship, the potential outcome will be for me to learn from my own pain.


The Ostara Tarot is trying to tell me to use her mainly for reflection, on past events that have occurred and what I can learn from it. Because of this, she may be a little critical on any positive experience but it is because she simply just wants to propel forward motion and to help me or the Seekers that come to me to step out of our comfort zones. She is able to help with identifying what ventures or projects will be valuable and how to temper passion into something workable. I hope I will be able to make use of the deck, especially with my own shadow work – I have not started any sort of deep shadow work as of yet, but if I do, this deck will definitely be used.

For a more extensive review on the deck itself, please see my review. Do feel free to share any deck interviews you’ve done yourself!

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