Tarot Self-Therapy: 30 June

Posted on July 2, 2017

Clarity Spread with Linestrider Tarot

I am having somewhat of a difficult time in my life. I feel like I’m at a crossroads. I feel like there are many things pulling me apart and so many people who are disappointing. I used the Clarity Spread along with the Linestrider Tarot to try understand how to move forwards.

This applies to many aspects of my life, so I did not opt for a career-focused or romance-focused reading. It is purely general.

Situation: Wheel of Fortune, reversed

Once you might have had your life in order and things were going well for you; but now the wheel has reversed. Things have changed. Everything feels out of order. You may have found out new things; things that you were so sure of now may not seem as certain. Don’t worry; as the wheel turns, things will become back to normal and maybe even better. Have faith, keep plodding on through this tough time and look up.

Factor 1: Judgement

Don’t forget what you want; don’t forget what you need. Before hastily accepting anything, make sure you use good judgement. See it objectively and try not to let too much emotion come into play. Try to understand yourself and try to understand the opportunities that stand before you. Only then will you manage to turn that fortune upside down.

Factor 2: Five of Cups

There is loss and naturally, there is a focus on that loss. The owl looks at the eggs that have sadly been broken by an cruel act; you have suffered. You see the losses that just happened to you; but don’t forget what you still have. Don’t forget the potential future that can still happen for you. Take in the losses, immerse yourself in your grief, sure but don’t forget to look forwards.

Factor 3: Three of Pentacles, reversed

There is a lot of work done and a lot of work that you should be proud of but somehow that sense of pride is lost. You feel unhappy with what you have created after so long. The blood, sweat and tears – were they worth it? Maybe sometimes it isn’t the outcome of what you did but the journey of doing. Keep that in mind.


Bend my head down, look at the few steps ahead of me and plod on. I tattooed a phrase from Eurydice on my body for that reason – I will always, always have myself.

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