Review: Linestrider Tarot Deck

Posted on February 11, 2017

The Linestrider deck is a spectacular deck designed by Siolo Thompson – after her first print, Llewelyn took up the cards for mass market production. I had my classic RWS deck with me for only a week and agonized on whether I should get this lovely deck.

Guess what? Despite being almost a complete beginner, I took a leap and bought the deck.

Major Arcana of the Linestrider deck


The deck is gorgeous. As a person who is very much into the “palewave” trend in men’s street fashion, these cards were perfect for me. Watercolored and free from borders, these characters seem free and almost light; but to be clear, this does not take away the impact of the images.

My favorite cards are:
– The Hierophant
– The Queen of Wands
– The Magician

One of my favorite cards in the deck – the Queen of Wands.

So far, most of the imagery do resonate with me as per the RWS tradition; however, my intuition was off the mark with respect to some of the cards. Whether this is due to my inexperience with Tarot or whether because I’m not connecting with the deck well, I can’t say.


I have had the deck for about 2 months and I noticed quite a lot of fraying on the edges. Even though this does not bother me per se, I understand that others have had problems with the card stock. As I haven’t any other decks to compare this with, I shall refrain from criticising the card stock, but shall only say that it does not bother me for now. Below are some pictures that I tried to take to show the fraying of the edges.

Slight fraying, but not sure if the camera caught it.

As for the images, I feel they could be sharper for some. I understand the lack of outlines, but I do notice some blurring/pixellation that does not seem deliberate.

Who is this for

As a beginner, I have to also admit that although the imagery is largely congruent to the RWS tradition, there are certain cards that seem slightly off based on my current study i.e. keywords and descriptions of the RWS cards from different books may not correspond one to one with the cards from the Linestrider.

I would still recommend anyone who wants a great borderless deck to buy this – the price is reasonable for the look and feel of the cards, I love the art and the cardstock in my opinion could be better but is still forgiveable.

For readers worldwide, I recommend buying the deck from Bookdepository, as I myself have. The delivery may be long but the savings is worth it. Amazon international delivery charges are exorbitant.

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