Using the Linestrider deck by Siolo Thompson for the Year Ahead 2017 spread as explained by The Wild Unknown creator, Kim Kranz.

Year Ahead Spread 2017

Posted on January 1, 2017

This is the first time I have done the “Year Ahead” spread. For this reading, I used the Linestrider deck, my first tarot deck along with the Rider-Waite-Smith. It is a lovely spread, introduced from The Wild Unknown (whose deck I’m still waiting for). It was a great learning experience – doing a daily single card read have resulted in many repeat cards and having 13 cards out for this spread allowed me to learn so much more.

Without further ado, here is the spread:

January – the Knight of Swords

January will begin in a rush of energy – there is a lot of forward motion with the Knight of Swords. However, the card also shows a lack of compassion and patience. I will remember to hold patience in my heart – I have been losing it at work, and slowly becoming tactless. The card reminds me that I should not.
At the same time, I am glad that 2017 is starting off with a productive intellectual bang.

February – Death

When I picked out the card, I steeled myself to be ready. February will be a time of change, where facades will drop, possibly my own, and that paradigms may be shifted. I will remember to be open, to be ready for change, no matter how painful the transition. I have survived more than this, and hopefully, the change will lead to better things.

March – the King of Pentacles, reversed

The King of Pentacles usually meant wisdom and financial success; however, having the card reversed would mean that I would have to stay cautious and wary. Decisions that are to made should be made carefully and not hastily. It is the time to move slowly and beware of people who act like they have it all.

April – the Eight of Pentacles

To bear fruit, work must be put in and in April, my birthday month, I will be working extremely hard. I need to remind myself in April that if I were to feel like giving up, not to. The card urges me to accept upcoming change at work, whether it is a new beginning or simply a shift. I need to be committed to increase my satisfaction in life.

May – the Seven of Wands, reversed

The Seven of Wands upright means competition – backstabbers and annoyances. It advises to not deny the battle but engage. However, I received the card in reverse. In this case, it reveals that there is a mounting pressure to compete, coupled along with the want to hide and avoid. The card tells me to not rest, not hide but still rise up against the battle as much as I can, despite the judgements. I will remind myself not to avoid conflict but to rise up to it.

June – the Queen of Cups

Success in creativity, intuition and spirituality – this is a goal of mine for 2017 and I am happy to see a card representing this in my 2017. I will aim to be able to reach such a peak in my journey in June. Along with this success, there is also an element of compassion and nurture which I am curious to see how it plays out.

July – the Ace of Cups, reversed

Almost an opposite of June is the Ace of Cups, reversed, signifying an unhealthy flow of emotions; despite the high of June, I must be aware of my own feelings and be able to express myself. The card reminds me by understanding the root of bad emotions will I be able to move forwards and love again.

August – the Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles is a serious card. Only if I stay mature and grounded will I be able to attain financial success. I will aim not to act rashly and impulsively, which is how I usually behave, so I can get the success I Long for.

September – the Two of Pentacles

Interestingly, if I am to attain that financial success, it is clear that my ability to juggle multiple responsibilities and managing different roles will be stretched. September will be generally a good time where I will be stretched but at the same time, to the extent I can still handle.

October – the Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords urges me to be clear headed and not indulge in fantasies. This comes after some success, so I will have to be honest with myself and clear in my intent in this month.

November – the Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles signifies a comfortable success in terms of wealth and prosperity, as predicted by the Knight of Pentacles. However, the downside of this card is superficiality and predicting that the materialistic nature in my life will increase. I am interested to see if I can avoid it, knowing to expect it.

December – the Five of Cups

To wrap things up in 2017 comes difficulty and loss – I will prepare myself for this time. It also reminds me to appreciate what I already have and to be positive in spite of any difficulties.

Theme of the Year – the Three of Swords, reversed

An apt card for the theme of the year – the Three of Swords signifies a haunting of a past pain, betrayal or heartache. 2016 had been difficult for me, in terms of work and romance. However, this card being reversed would mean a growth out from those past pains – it shows movement away from such experiences and the importance of qualities that I have gained. There is a success in accepting the heartache and suffering, throughout the year.

Seeing the low points in the year ahead reading makes me worried, but relating such points with the Theme of the Year makes me feel at peace. It reinforces the fact that I will be able to be at peace with any bad experiences.

Other Thoughts

I noted that within my reading for 2017 that there was only one card from the Wands suit, and even so, it was reversed. The Suit of Wands generally signifies inspiration, creativity, ambition and strength. Without these cards, it may reflect a lack of overall purpose or motivation in 2017. However, since there is no strong indication of that through a particular card, it could mean that the burden of listlessness and worry over my own personal growth and goals may not plague me.


I am intrigued by my reading for 2017 and will be reflecting on the cards again every month or quarter. It is true that my 2016 had some forms of listlessness and overall lack of motivation, and it is challenging that there is the possibility of that continuing in 2017. However, within the cards, there is depictions of moderate financial success along with breakthroughs in my spirituality – I am excited.

How are your own year ahead spreads? I would love to see other people’s analyses, so by all means, please share them in the comments below.

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