Tarot Flash Fiction: 0 The Fool

Posted on January 14, 2017

“Why would it be an issue?”

“We shouldn’t-”

She waved me off, grinning. Her chuckles tinkled in the stark night air; without another word, she pulled off her multi-coloured scarf and peeled off the leather jacket she loved so much. Her eyebrows were raised at me, silently asking me to follow suit. I gaped at her.

Nimbly, she pulled herself upstairs to stand on the edge of the bridge. Wisps of her hair stuck onto her cheeks; and her eyes sparkled in the light of the street lamps. Her dark lipstick made her teeth gleam in comparison.

“Shall we?” Her last syllable hung still, pregnant. Her hand was open, reaching out for me.

I grabbed it.

For a moment, there was only darkness. When we exploded back to the surface gasping, the cold piercing through flesh, there was only the sound of laughter.

In the course of my tarot studies, I will be writing a short piece inspired by each of the tarot. To read more, please find the full list here.

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